Accredited agencies and credentialed professionals have found that banding together to form regional consortiums is an effective networking opportunity. Listed below are the existing consortiums including what regions they cover, who to contact for more information, and details on their meeting frequency and location.


Region Covered: Arizona
Official Name: Arizona Accreditation and Credentialing Consortium
Primary Contact: Jake Rhoades, CFO, CEMSO, CTO, Fire Chief, Kingman Fire Department,
Secondary Contacts:
Kevin Spirlong, Division Chief of Strategic Planning, Analytics & Emergency Management, Surprise Fire-Medical Department, 623-222-5123 Office,
Gary West, 520-260-2699, 
Frequency of Meetings: Quarterly
Meeting Locations: In coordination with CPSE workshops or AZ Fire Chiefs Conference


Region Covered: California
Official Name: California Fire Rescue Accreditation and Credentialing Consortium
Primary Contact: Brent Faulkner, Battalion Chief, Anaheim Fire & Rescue,


Region Covered: Canada
Official Name: Canada Consortium
Primary Contact: Dawn Dixon, Manager of Accreditation and Continuous Improvement, Edmonton Fire Rescue Services,
Secondary Contacts: Karran Stefanyk, The City of Red Deer Emergency Services, and Assistant Chief Anastasia Turner, Vancouver Fire Rescue Services,, 604-954-0937
Frequency of Meetings: Next Meeting: Week of October 19, 2020 in Township of Langley Fire Department, British Columbia


Region Covered: State of Florida
Official Name: Florida Association for Fire Accreditation and Professional Credentialing
Primary Contact: Corey Bowles, Lieutenant, Ocoee Fire Department,


Region Covered: State of Georgia
Official Name: Georgia Association for Fire Accreditation and Professional Credentialing
Primary Contact: Tom Burrell, Captain, DeKalb County Fire Department,
Secondary Contact: April Draper, Accreditation Program Coordinator, Covington Fire Department,

Great Lakes

Region Covered: States of Illinois and Wisconsin
Official Name: Great Lakes Fire Accreditation Managers
Primary Contact: Mark Puknaitis, CFO, Fire Chief, Naperville Fire Department,
Frequency of Meetings: Quarterly

Heart of America

Region Covered: States of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska
Official Name: The Heart of America Accreditation Consortium Task Force of the Heart of America Fire Chiefs Council in Kansas City.
Primary Contact: Donald Tinsley, Division Chief, Lenexa Fire Department,, 913-477-7914
Frequency of Meetings: Quarterly
Location of Meetings: Lenexa Fire Station #93

Michigan – Ohio – Indiana

Region Covered: States of Michigan, Indiana and Ohio
Official Name: Michigan – Ohio – Indiana Accreditation and Professional Credentialing Consortium
Primary Contact: Dave Dauer, Battalion Chief (ret), Toledo Fire and Rescue Department,, 419-245-1175
Secondary Contact: Scott Gray, Captain – Planning Division, Grand Rapids Fire Department,, 616-456-3108
Frequency of Meetings: Quarterly
Location of Meetings: Varies 

The Natural State Accreditation Consortium

Region Covered: Arkansas
Official Name: The Natural State Accreditation Consortium
Primary Contact: Bo Hagar, Accreditation Manager, Little Rock Fire Department,
Frequency of Meetings: Quarterly
Meeting Locations: Little Rock Fire Department Training Center
Other Information: Other Info: The purpose of The Natural State Accreditation Consortium is to provide a forum for Arkansas fire agencies to work together to improve the delivery of fire services to the citizens and visitors of the State of Arkansas. The consortium will serve as an ambassador to the accreditation model and provide a  direct resource to Arkansas and neighboring fire agencies seeking to or going through the accreditation or reaccreditation process.

North Carolina

Region Covered: State of North Carolina
Official Name: North Carolina Accreditation Support Consortium
Primary Contact: Keith McGee, Fire Chief, Apex Fire Department,  919-362-4001
Secondary Contact: Cindy Bonham, Deputy Chief, Charlotte Fire Department,
Frequency of Meetings: Typically, quarterly on the 3rd Thursday of month
Location of Meetings: Greensboro Training Facility


Region Covered:  Pacific Northwest (Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Western Canada)
Official Name: Northwest Accreditation Credentialing Consortium
Primary Contact: Patrick O. Schaffer, Accreditation Manager/Division Chief of Operations, Spokane Valley Fire Dept., Office: 509-892-4192, Cell: 509-688-5119
Secondary Contact: Ed Hartin, Chief, CFO, Central Whidbey Island Fire and Rescue.  (503) 678-3602 OR Kieron Gillmore, Business Analyst, Bellevue Fire Dept. (425) 452-6954
Frequency of Meetings: Quarterly (rotating locations), Monday afternoons and Tuesday mornings

Rocky Mountain

Region Covered: States of Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah
Official Name: Rocky Mountain Accreditation and Professional Credentialing Consortium
Primary Contact: Ryan Roberts, Division Chief of Operations, Brighton Fire Rescue District, office: 303-654-8030, cell: 970-389-5646
Secondary Contact: Chris Angermuller, Deputy Fire Chief, Grand Junction Fire Department, office: 970-549-5803, cell: 913-485-4095
Frequency of Meetings: Quarterly
Location of Meetings: Rotates to different geographic regions of CO
Other Info: The consortium’s goal is to support agencies that are interested in pursuing accreditation, from the initial interest to maintaining accreditation with educational opportunities, real-world problem solving, mock site visits, and mentoring. A secondary goal is to support individuals achieve professional credentialing with education, mentors and application review.

South Carolina Fire Service Improvement Group

Region Covered: State of South Carolina
Official Name: South Carolina Accreditation Consortium
Primary Contact: Stephanie Julazadeh, Deputy Chief of Professional Standards, North Charleston Fire Department,, 843-434-3804
Secondary Contact: Kevin Henson, Administrative Captain, Greenville City Fire Department,, 864-520-4142
Frequency of Meetings: Quarterly
Location of Meetings: Upcoming location decided at conclusion of current meeting.


Region Covered: State of Tennessee
Official Name: The Tennessee Fire Credentialing and Accreditation Consortium (TFCA)
Primary Contact: Brian Goss, CFO, Fire Chief, Brentwood Fire and Rescue Department,, 615-371-0170
Secondary Contact: James Stables, CFO, Fire Chief, Johnson City Fire Departments, , 423-975-2852
Frequency of Meetings: Quarterly in conjunction with TN Fire Chiefs Association
Location of Meetings: Determined by location of quarterly and annual meetings of the TN Fire Chiefs Association
Other Info: TFCA promotes the CPSE credentialing and accreditation processes as personal and organizational development tools, and encourages all agencies to engage in the models regardless of whether or not the end goal is to actually achieve accreditation and/or credentialing.


Region Covered: State of Texas
Official Name: Center for Public Safety Excellence – Texas Consortium
Primary Contact: Leonard Chan, Accreditation & Compliance Coordinator,Management Analyst, Houston Fire Department,
Secondary Contact: Randall F. Parr, Fire Chief, EFO, CFO, Tomball Fire Department,
Frequency of Meetings: Triannual
Location of Meetings: Meetings may be through the internet, teleconference, or in-person.
Other Info: Texas Consortium Facebook page


Region Covered: Commonwealth of Virginia
Official Name: Virginia State Fire Accreditation and Credentialing Consortium
Primary Contact: Amy Valdez, Battalion Chief, Virginia Beach Fire Department,, 757-285-4211
Frequency of Meetings: Quarterly
Location of Meetings: Henrico County Fire Training Center